SHIPWRECK "PELTASTIS" - This tragic ship later became one of the most popular diving sites in the Kvarner Region.
CHAPEL OF SAINT CLEMENT and the glagolitic inscription - This miniature yet precious Romanic building stands in the centre of Klimno, a village named after the chapel that was first mentioned in 1381. Anchor - the largest anchor on the Krk Island
An islander's measure for wood - Many of the ‘shippers’ were unalphabets, i.e. illiterates. They were wise nevertheless: in order to avoid being cheated during a trade-off, they had a ‘mould’ made for the so-called ‘islander’s wood measuring tape’
ŠTRADA - Intended for the swimmers in the summer and promenaders during the rest of the year in more recent times, it was, until the second half of the 20th century, a place full of barrels in which the locals cooked salt day and night. They would later trade it for flour, sugar, and similar across the territory of Slavonia, Zagorje, etc.
PERILO - It was rightfully proclaimed a source of livelihood. Numerous girls and women tried to earn their living using it but it often happened that they would lose their lives in the freezing cold or the scorching heat. Perila were washing places used daily by the hard-labouring women (‘težakinje’), where they had to break ice during the winter and wait for precious drops during the summer. Remnants of the chapel of Saint Peter - an ancient site called Saint Peter (Sveti Petar) dominated by an authentic landscape and the remnants of a medieval chapel dedicated to the saint to whom the keys to heaven have been entrusted.
ISLET "ŠKOJIĆ" - Be it rain, sun, fog or clear weather, you cannot miss it. Even if you are not looking for it, it presents itself; it ‘offers’ itself to you. Although small in area, its ruins, relics of the past, attract attention.
RUDINE AND CAVE BISERUJKA - Biserujka Cave is located on the island of Krk 300 meters north-west of the Rudine village. The cave is adjusted to tourists and offers a wealth of cave decorations - calcareous sinters, stalagmites, and stalactites. According to a speleological classification, it represents a simple cave with mouth that lead into a gently sloping cave channel.
SLIVANJSKA COVE - One of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Krk is found in the Slivanjaska Cove
FRANE AND LIJANA - The legend about the unfortunate newlyweds later became the topic of folk songs. An anonymous folk artist also carved the images of Frane and Lijana on one cliff close to Rudine. It’s worth seeing and imagining.

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