Healing mud

The visual attraction of covering oneself in black mud (healing mud) has in fact a deeper, healing significance, and many have personally experienced the beneficial effects of this mud, having their rheumatic diseases mitigated or even fully eliminated after applying the Meline beach mud on their bodies. Besides being attractive because of the healing mud, which is the main attraction of the beach, it is also attractive to families with children. And again, there is more than one reason why this is so. The temperature of the sea remains pleasant, almost above average, over a period of few months. It is therefore not rare that many of the visitors open their bathing season at this very beach. The sea is very shallow on this beach as well. If you walk a hundred meters into the sea, it will still be knee deep or around knee depth! Young people love the Meline beach as well. It has two volleyball courts and a small soccer field. It offers pedal boat and deck chair rental as well as massage service. The Meline beach – something for everyone and health for all!

Katarina Apartmani